The Rope

(Wolf Hollow Revival)

The Rope ~ Wolf Hollow Revival


Gonna walk on down the line 
My face worn down by time 
Life's easy come and easy go 
As I make another climb 
Ain't no end to the rope 
The weight I pull behind 
It's a symbol of my pride 
As I keep my hope alive


And the rope it drags the weight 
Of a thousand tears I've cried 
And it pulls the scars and battle marks 
That tried to break my pride 
Of Starring down the bottle 
that almost sunk the man 
But I pulled it hard and got back up 
Just to make another stand 
Gonna pull the rope


Time's tried to break the love 
That I held deep inside 
And one by one I faced down death 
As I watched my loved ones die 
One day death will understand 
That his boy's gonna always fight 
Better bring a bigger army 
Cause I ain't gonna step aside




I've seen a million demons 
Standing in the showdown stance 
I know that they would have shot me down if given half a chance 
But I pulled my pistols fast and fired 
And sent 'em back in the night 
They didn't know this boy would fight 
To keep his soul alive



Driving Me Crazy

(Wolf Hollow Revival)

Come on, Come on, Come on, baby

Don't you know that you'll be driving me crazy

I'll be crazy my whole life


Cause a right, right now I don't have time for you

You walk, walk, walk around like your oh so cool

Follow you around acting a fool

Cha, cha, cha, cha, cha, you're love put a spell on me

I feel so bo, bo, bothered I can't even sleep

I'm so bothered I'm a fool




Girl stop playing ga, ga, ga, games with me

You're so the reb, reb, reb, rebel within me

Gonna fall behind as I step in

Cha, cha, cha, cha, cha, when all the girls want me

Cha, cha, cha, cha, cha, the man they wanna see

But I'm so crazy I'm back again



Wolf Moon Rising

(Wolf Hollow Revival)

Wild Child

(Wolf Hollow Revival)

We're All Mad Now

(Wolf Hollow Revival)

We’re All Mad Now ~ Wolf Hollow Revival


Demons have taken over the castle

We’re all mad now

Stagnant deluded reality

No time to grow, no time to know

Only raindrops falling down on me

Wipe the raindrop from my brow

Feed your hate into me

Bleed me of my sanity


We’re alive in the shit now

I’m raising hell with my demons

We’re all mad now

I’m drunk and done

Nowhere to run


Nowhere to run

I’m sick and done

New World order got you on the run

Breaking your back for your freedom

Just calm down relax and unwind



I’m running, running hard and I’m running, running fast

Gotta keep on moving else the Devil catch my ass

I’m living hard and living free, and that’s the way it’s gotta be

It’s called my time, to be free


GMO for you and an Oreo for me

Gotta keep on cutting trees until we can’t breath

The world is on the stage, God is working on the stage

Everybody’s picking time, it’s time to get paid


Living on the stage and I want to cast the show

Everybody’s wasting time, that’s how we got to go

We’re living in the sunlight, moon reflections of the light

We take the stage and hit the rage, and then we start to fight


Demons are coming through the darkness

We’re all mad now

We got the seas in a rage

Break the chains and hit the cage

Demons are wearing illusions

We’re all mad now

Running real hard we hit the rage

I’m spitting mad gonna hit the cage




Your god has left the stage and he’s selling out the show

Everybody here has got to love that rock-n-roll

Living in your fantasies, your day turns into night

We scrap away, and hide our pain

The Devil owns your life


Pop a pill and drink a beer, Steer clear and play it straight

Get in line or get behind, The man has sealed your fate

The Devil’s been brought down on you, and hell has been let lose

The hero’s left the room, Now what you gonna do?






(Wolf Hollow Revival)


(Wolf Hollow Revival)

Born Into Nature

(Wolf Hollow Revival)

Goblin Masquerade

(Wolf Hollow Revival)

Something Wily This Way Comes (Intermission from Album)

(Wolf Hollow Revival)

Voodoo Queen

(Wolf Hollow Revival)

Wolf Hollow Revival Interview With KONG Radio in LA and Brad Dourif from Lord of the Rings Part I

(Wolf Hollow Revival)

Rob Dunaway, lead singer of Wolf Hollow Revival, live with BuddhaMan on Buddhaman's International Experience with Brad Dourif from Lord of the Rinds, Chucky, Blue Velvet, Dune, and tons of other movies! Hear the origins of WHR and acoustic and album songs throughout the two hour interview!

Brad Dourif from Lord of the Rings, Chucky, Alien: Ressurection, etc, following WHR on KONG Radio BuddhaMan's International Experience

(Wolf Hollow Revival)

(Wolf Hollow Revival)

(Wolf Hollow Revival)

Man on the Moon

(Wolf Hollow Revival)

Christmas in the Moutains (Rockabilly Version)

(Wolf Hollow Revival)

Christmasin the Mountains ~ Wolf Hollow Revival


Snow is falling down

Hear the jingle of the sleigh

Santa's gonna be in town

On this snowy winter's day


Snowball fights and Christmas Lights

Children's faces oh so bright

Waiting for Saint Nick to appear

Oh, it's that time of year



It's Christmas in the mountains

Homegrown and still

Oh, my favorite time of the year

Said it's Christmas in the mountains

Wishing peace and cheer

Oh, Christmas time is here


Grandma makin' Christmas pies

Grandpa shovelin snow outside

Daddy's hanging lights on the tree

Sipping coco, momma and me


Waiting for that night to arrive

Santa's flying high in the sky

Waiting for that Christmas cheer

Waiting for that day to get here




Eggnog and friends a calling

Wrapping presents, chestnuts popping

Waiting on those eight reindeer

Spreading lots of Christmas cheer


Jack Frost nipping at your nose

Two young lovers snuggled up real close

peppermints and icy snowmen

Oh, it don't get more grand



High Heel Shoes (Red Satin Dress)

(Wolf Hollow Revival)

Wicked Game

(Wolf Hollow Revival)

My Favorite Cloud

(Wolf Hollow Revival)


(Wolf Hollow Revival)

America ~ Wolf Hollow Revival


Old man with a broken cain, he's walking slow, going nowhere

His look represents a vain disdain view of Philadelphia

Well, I'm paddlin' hard and rowing fast, and waves keep pushing me aback

So I paddle real hard and go nowhere, kinda reminds me of America



So let's you and I fly away, fly away tonight

Let's you and I fly away, beneath the pale moonlight


Yeah, the old man turns his head away, he's taken to a special place

No judgement or condiscending, taken to a new beginning

Yeah, peace is fortune, truth is fame, observations misconstrued

A blank flag you raise

The sun beside an umarked grave where truth is lost and evil's praised.




Always thought I'd fall behind

Always thought I'd fall behind

Always thought I'd fall behind, but I'm ahead of my time

Thought you were a friend of mine, but I can see beneath your lies

Yeah, the people gathered round to see if I was a space clad enemy

But were disappointed and went back home when they found out I was one of their own






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